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Some of the Interesting Celebrity Beefs of All Times.

There are a great deal of celebrities in this generation from different entertainment ventures. A great many people tend to look at these superstars as phenomenal individuals when in reality they are ordinary individuals like every other person. They dedicate their lives to entertaining their fans with great movies and music that create great memories for them. What a lot of individuals have a tendency to overlook is that these big names are likewise people who experience the ordinary battles that the normal individual experiences. They have feelings which can be hurt simply like every other person and the vast majority of the circumstances they get into quarrels with different celebrities. In this article we will look at presumably the most interesting celebrity squabbles ever that had the world in shock.

The Tupac and Biggie beef is perhaps one of the most controversial celebrities which occurred in the mid-90s. Amid this time, hip hop competition was widespread particularly between the west coast represented by Tupac and east coast represented by Biggie. This led to these rappers releasing diss tracks against each other and later the demise of both these eminent rappers who are seen as hip hop legends. Another dubious celebrity fight still within the hip hop culture was between rapper Shawn Carter professionally known as Jay-Z and Nasir jones professionally known as Nas. This rap beef proceeded to give rise to two of the most acclaimed celebrity diss tracks ever to be particular ‘Takeover’ and ‘Ether’and discover more

Another stunning disputable celebrity beef was between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie who were the best of companions and even co-featured in their own TV show called ‘The Simple Life’. Bits of gossip had it that Nicole had released Hilton’s sex tape yet nobody knows without a doubt the reason of their quarrel. They are currently on good terms but not quite the best friends they were before the start of their celebrity beef. The Eminem and Mariah Carey beef is one controversial celebrity beef that caught the world by surprise because they deal with completely different music genres.

Eminem even released a song claiming to reveal Mariah Carey’s nude photos but Mariah denied each one of his claims in a song herself called ‘Obsessed’. Another very controversial celebrity beef that was witnessed live on air was between Kanye West and Pop star Taylor Swift. It was in 2009 when Taylor Swift won the best music video at the VMAs and Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech by claiming Beyonce was the rightful winner of that award. Kanye West undoubtedly shocked everyone including Beyonce herself but he later apologized for his actions.